“It is very fine to use Morning Walker to avoid over weight problem . It is very much useful in improvement of Breathing & Blood Circulation.”

Mr. Vishnukumar A Barbhaiya

“I am a diabetic patient. As a scientist, my observation is that regular use of Morning Walker can replace morning walk requirement at old age diabetic patients.”

Dr. Ramkrishna Joshi

“I used morning Walker daily one time. My B.P. reduced, also my joint pain reduced. I fill fit and relaxed.”

Mrs. Madhuben Parsottambhai Poptani

“It is a very good substitute for a health care person having time problem. I am very much satisfied after the using Morning Walker.”

Mr. Satyanarayan Joshi

“Experienced good for health.”

Mr. S.R. Roy

“Our family feels better after using this machine. We are now feeling more energetic live and staying fit. My obesity problem and my father’s osteo Arthritis & joint pain problem not cured yet. Do you have any other product list ? send it & send reference form for my other relatives.”

Mr. Prosenjit Talukdar