Morning Walker

The Complete Family Health Machine

Morning Walker is a scientifically designed, health machine based on the proven principle of goldfish movement. By using it for 15 minutes, you get the benefit of brisk walking 10000 steps. It is compact, portable and simple to use. It is the only one medically tested and endorsed by leading institutions.

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Research and extensive studies have shown that a 15 minutes workout using Morning Walker is equal to walking 10,000 steps. Modelled after a goldfish's swimming motion, this trunk-twisting exercise provides a lot of benefits for its users.

How It Works

How Does MORNING WALKER Works And Is It Economical In Use ?

You may be curious to know how does the swinging movement of MORNING WALKER produce such effective results.

While MORNING WALKER moves the entire body, most importantly, it is moving the largest muscle group in the body i.e. your legs. The swinging motion causes your blood to circulate efficiently in the whole body. In turn every cell absorbs oxygen and the toxins are removed. By using MORNING WALKER you do not get a 10 km run kind of workout which makes you sweaty and exhausted. Instead, you lie down, relax while having a workout and your entire body is rejuvenated within these few minutes of workout.

MORNING WALKER is very simple to use. Simply download the Morning Walker App in your mobile phone and use the Smart Remote by touch or voice command. The hassle of maintaining a separate remote controller is no more required. Now every family member can use Morning Walker for the desired time as per their convenience.

No wonder over lacs of families are reaping the benefits of Morning Walker and leading a healthy life. So how about you????

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Effect Of Using

A brief description on how MORNING WALKER oxygenates, cleans the human body and influences the spine is explained below. These points explain the rhythmic side-ways movement of Morning Walker and the effective results obtained by using it.

Oxygenating The Body Oxygen And Cells

MORNING WALKER maximizes oxygenation of body cells which support deep healing. MORNING WALKER supports health without energy loss, body stress with its effortless exercise.

Cleansing Reactions

Morning Walker reduces lymph stagnation and enhances removal of waste from the body. Such cleansing may cause temporary bad breath and thirst. Drink plenty of room temperature water after each session and between meals to hasten the cleansing process.

The Spine's Influence On Health

MORNING WALKER uses the left-right sideway motion to gently relax muscles along the spine, thereby encourage spinal alignment and stimulates passive contraction of inter-vertebral muscles to strengthen the spine and back.

Utilization Of Full Spinal Movement

Human spinal designed lateral twisting, snake-like movement of Morning Walker helps to relieve vertebrae joint pressure and promotes a sense of well being. MORNING WALKER mimics the motion of a goldfish swimming which helps human to maintain optimal health.

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