Frequently Asked Questions

Does Morning Walker helps to relieve from diseases / ailments and if so, how?

Morning Walker is very useful for people suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, excess weight, spondylitis, arthritis, cardiopulmonary disease etc. Click on the disease to know how Morning Walker brings relief from these diseases and many more:


Keeping your blood pressure under control is essential to maintain overall health. High blood pressure, mainly due to hypertension, leads to direct strain to the heart and arteries resulting in cardiovascular diseases. Many factors are associated with high blood pressure including genetics, age, race, stress, obesity, smoking, a high salt diet, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle. On an average, people with uncontrolled blood pressure are:

  • Seven times more likely to have a stroke.
  • Six times more likely to develop congestive heart failure.
  • Three times more likely to have a heart attack.

To keep high blood pressure under control one should exercise regularly, keep weight within normal limits and reduce stress.

Morning Walker with its passive, low intensity rhythmic movement improves the blood circulation to the coronary artery without straining the heart. This rhythmic movement helps the vegetative nervous system, consisting of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, to mutually co-operate, regain balance, relax the constricted blood vessel and also recover the lesions of the dilated blood vessels.

With regular use of Morning Walker, the undesired deposit of free fatty acids in the abdomen and buttocks region will gradually disappear, resulting in weight reduction and maintaining the body fit. Hence, it is an ideal exerciser to help control high blood pressure with no side effects.


In diabetes, the pancreas cannot produce insulin required for absorbing the glucose by the cells in the human body. Thus the glucose stays in the blood stream and is called hyperglycemia (or high blood sugar or high blood glucose). Without glucose, the cells in the body cannot make the energy needed to keep the human body running smoothly.

Diabetes may cause nerve problems, blood vessel disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, eye problems such as retinopathy, glaucoma or cataracts. To control diabetes daily exercise together with a proper nutritional supplement is important.

With growing age, it becomes difficult for people to do oxygen consuming exercise essential to control diabetes. This is where Morning Walker is very helpful. By its aerobic movement, it exercises the internal organs of the body including the beta receptor cell of pancreas which produces insulin. The passive aerobic exercising adjusts the balance of the vegetative nerves responsible for proper functioning of the pancreas and other organs of the human body.


Arthritis is the inflammation of joints accompanied by pain, stiffness or swelling. Morning Walker is extremely useful for persons suffering from Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout etc.

Osteoarthritis is common among the elderly and may also occur when a joint has been injured many times. It occurs mainly because the cartilage between the two bones breaks down and these bones rub against each other.

Rheumatoid Arthritis also called as the Great Crippler, mainly affects people between the ages of 20 40. In this disease, joints become hot, painful, red and swollen and may damage organs and connective tissues in extreme cases.

In case of arthritis, medications and physical therapy give only limited effect. Oxygen consuming exercise such as jogging, physical exercise etc are just not possible. The only way to relieve from arthritis is through mild and gentle movement of the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments of the whole body without any strain.

Morning Walker is an extremely useful exerciser to relieve from arthritis. By its rhythmic shaking movement i.e aerobic exercise, the blood circulation in the injured part is greatly improved. The bony joints recover to the original position. The injured tissue can obtain sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients and at the same time prompt removal of metabolic wastes and thereby helps the damage tissues to recover.


Spondylitis, yet another form of arthritis, is caused due to inflammation in spinal joints mainly due to improper posture. It is a systemic disease which, if not treated timely, may affect the entire body.

Swimming is an excellent way to relieve spondylitis since it promotes flexibility of the spine, movement of the neck, shoulder, hip joints and deep breathing. The rhythmic left and right movement of Morning Walker, mimicking a golden fish, is a kind of swimming on land. The floor, instead of water supports, the whole body with no burden of sinking down while swimming in water and due to which the oxygen consumption and activity is reduced. Moreover, it is moving one of the largest muscle group in the body, the legs.

Morning Walker has to be used on a flat surface with straight back, head upright and shoulders squared. The swinging motion of Morning Walker exercises each portion of the spine, strengthens the back and neck, gives movement to the hips and helps to improve your posture. The continuous movement with straight spine posture helps to reduce spondylitis to a great extent.


Obesity occurs when a person's calorie intake exceeds the amount of energy he or she burns. The cause of this imbalance may be owing to genetic, environmental, psychological and/or rare illnesses such as hypothyroidism, cushing's syndrome, depression, neurological problems leading to overeating, certain drugs (steroids, antidepressants) etc.

Maintaining a healthy weight is a matter of balancing calories on a daily basis. A small step towards aerobic exercise of 30 minutes everyday would considerably help every individual to lose excess fat and maintain healthful weight.

Morning Walker is the ideal exerciser to reduce weight and burn excess fat in the human body. The major accumulation of free fatty acids is around the abdomen and buttocks. Due to lack of body movement, these fats are not consumed and remains deposited resulting in increased weight. By using the Morning Walker regularly, the free fatty acids do not deposit in the abdomen, buttocks and are carried away through consumption a process to reduce weight irreplaceable by any other measures. By using Morning Walker twice daily, one can burn upto 300 calories per time of use. But reduction in body fat is greatly dependent on the quality of diet intake.

No wonder thousands of users worldwide have lost excess weight and are leading a healthy life without any medication or injection. In fact, Morning Walker is the fittest health care measure today. For authentic reports on weight loss, please see the "User Reports" section.


Spleen and stomach are the basis of any one after birth. In other words, digestive system is the basic system of human life. It is where the food intake is processed and transformed into different products used for the energy consumption of organs, skeleton and muscles. When there is lack of movement in the human body, the whole digestive process is not completed since there is lack of bile and pancreatic secretion needed for digestion and absorption.

Too much secretion of gastric acid, due to excessive excitation of vagus nerve induces belch, eructation or in extreme cases, gastric/duodenal ulcer which can further worsen and transform into gastric cancer. The excitation of vagus nerve also reduces the peristaltic movement of gastrointestinal tract. The indigestion resulted will in turn induce peptic ulcer and cancer.

Another problem commonly seen in the digestive tract is constipation. Fecal material accumulates when the peristalsis is impaired. As a result of chemical change, toxin is produced which is absorbed into circulation and causes severe damage to the human body. On the contrary, a normal peristalsis ensures a good bowel movement responsible for good health.

From the above it is clear that people who do less exercise are usually susceptible to digestive dysfunction and impairment. But it is not possible for people of all age group to do vigorous oxygen consuming exercise owing to age, illness etc. So the only way to interrupt this viscous cycle is to do aerobic exercise with Morning Walker.

First of all, Morning Walker, adjusts the balance of vegetative nerves, stimulates the sympathetic nerves to balance the vagus nerve to reduce its excitation and eventually attain mutual balance between them. Passive aerobic exercise with Morning Walker consumes negligible oxygen, thus eliminates or reduces the presence of ulcer inducing or carcinogenic substances. This method of aerobic exercise recovers the normal digestive function, to treat and prevent digestive ulcers and tumor and the most physiological and fastest route to treat constipation.


Insomnia is caused due to the strained state of mind disturbing the various centers of one's brain so that they cannot coordinate harmoniously to induce a serene sleep. Due to improper sleep, one's daily work is affected and makes the person feel worried about this terror. Sleeping pills are expensive and induces hypnotic effect which cannot produce the effect as that from physiological sleep. Some people resort to alcohol which is intoxicating and leading to a muddleheaded state but not a real sleep.

Aerobic exercise, on the other hand, has unexpected advantage to human sleep. Study have revealed that if one uses Morning Walker after 2 to 3 hours of dinner, the rhythmic movement transmitted from the lower limbs upto the head makes the whole body including the bones, joints and muscles relaxed. The respiration through the trachea and lungs turns into smooth and deep breathing so that the amount of efficient oxygen exchange increases and the various centers of the brain ease to a still status. This is because the aerobic exercise with Morning Walker increases the intake of oxygen and in turn the metabolism of the brain cells tends to shift to tranquility inducing a sound sleep.

By using Morning Walker for 10-15 minutes before going to bed, one can get rid of insomnia within 10 14 days. But it is suggested to those suffering from insomnia not to eat heavy for dinner, keep a quiet living environment, not to vary the room temperature, maintain good indoor ventilation and above all not to exert physically or mentally in excess in the evenings.

Those who expect to have a healthy digestive function should religiously use Morning Walker daily and lead a good healthy life.


Doing physical exercise will strain the heart and lungs as well as consume oxygen for patients with cardiopulmonary diseases which is rather harmful. On the other hand, if such patients sit all day long without any movements, the blood circulation will stagnate, the fats, cholesterol etc. will be less consumed and more easily deposit on the blood vessel wall, eventually worsening the cardiovascular diseases. In such case if the disease relates to cardiac rhythm, the diameter of the blood vessel carrying blood to the heart or coronary artery will get narrowed, reduce the blood supply to heart muscle and increase the lesion of the cardiac transmission bundle.

The constriction and dilatation of blood vessels are controlled by the autonomic nervous system consisting of mutually coordinated sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. With growing age, over exertion or mental tension, the coordination of these nerves gets out of control resulting in hypertension, hypo tension and many other vascular diseases. In such situation, medications are an artificial adjustment with limited recovery.

Morning Walker is an extremely useful exerciser to help recover from cardiopulmonary / vascular diseases. With its passive, low intensity rhythmic movement it does not consume too much oxygen but at the same time consumes those substances such as fats, cholesterol etc which reduces the narrowing of coronary artery. This aerobic movement generated in the human body can relax muscles, widen the blood bed, increase blood circulation to the coronary artery and thereby recover and improve the function of heart.

Mimicking the movement of a gold fish, Morning Walker by its rhythmic movement, helps the vegetative nerves to mutually cooperate, regain balance, relax the constricted blood vessel and also recover the lesions of the dilated blood vessels. The bronchial disease, resulting from uncoordinated nerves in lung, insufficient oxygen intake due to difficulty in breathing will recover with the coordination of the nerves. This is due to the fact that with the relaxation of spastic bronchi sufficient intake of oxygen replaces the original insufficient oxygen status. One starts feeling clear minded, breathe with ease, feel healthy and relaxed.

Thus, if one use Morning Walker regularly supplemented with sufficient intake of vegetables, vitamins it will be very helpful to patients with cardiopulmonary diseases.