“I experienced improvement in High Blood pressure and also got relief in arthritis. I feel myself much fit with the use of “Morning Walker.”

Mr. S. Mohon

” It’s worth to use it. It provided controlled in diabetes and improvement in high blood pressure. I am satisfied with the machine and feel better with the use. It helps to relax my body and mind.”

Mr. Shah Hasmukhlal Sankar Chand

One of the best Exercise equipment for the whole family.

Mr. Mrinal Kanti Sarkar

“I have reduced my weight from 84 kgs to 74 kgs with in one year period and also decreased joint pain in both feet after using twice daily exercise by Morning Walker only.”

Mr. Yogesh Vithaldas Shah

“It is an excellent ‘workout’ particularly for elders to avoid solution & other danger while going out to ‘walk’. Working twice a day give excellent results. We both feel comfortable after use for the last 3 years.”

Mr. Munshi Ishaq & Mrs Jamila

“I had been consulting with ny doctor to get over my thigh strain but it didn’t work. But when I used the Morning Walker, I can now move freely. It also worked wonders for my artharitis.”

Smt. Rashmidhara Bhattacharya